Sunday, December 16, 2012

Man of Steel Official Trailer 2013 Who is the Foe?

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Do you remember when Superman was a television series? I keep asking myself how many foes did Superman actually have. I can only remember one main one in my mind from the comic books and movies and that is Lex Luthor.  You can find a list of other foes that Superman fought at Wikipedia. To be honest, I don't remember any of them when I think of Superman.

So far, in the preview, I do not see any big foes. All I see is Clark Kent. Although I watched the movie trailer for the Man of Steel in 2013, I have no idea what the movie is really going to be about. What I want to know is who is the big foe in the movie.


The Television Series (George Reeves) and the first Superman Movies (Christopher Reeve)

Adventures of Superman is an American television series based on comic book characters and concepts created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. George Reeves played Clark Kent.


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Of course, we cannot forget Christopher Reeve when he played as Superman. I can remember Nuclear man as a foe from his movie and the three Kryptonian criminals from Superman 2.

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