Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ella Mitchell and Martin Lawrence

Do you remember Ella Mitchell who played as Big Momma in Big Momma's House?


She is the real big momma I can't forget. What if the Martin Show came back to Television? Big Momma could appear on the show every once and a while. Ella Mitchell was a lot younger when she played Big Momma. She's an older woman now, and I don't know how she's doing. If Ella Mitchell cannot play Big Momma, someone like her could play Big Momma. It might be too much for Martin to play more characters. Besides, it would be nice to have a Big Momma to share some wisdom with the young characters of the show.  The show would need somebody that can set Mama Payne straight from time to time. Big Momma could be Pam's (Tichina Arnold) grandmother and like a grandmother to Gina (Tisha Campbell) too.

For example, Big Momma: Gina, I saw Martin today. That boy lost weight. He looks tired and right skinny since y'all broke up. I'm inviting everyone to dinner, and I want Martin to be here too.

Gina: Big Momma, I'm tired of that man. I had to just about raise him when I was with him. I had enough of his mama too. Now, I'm free.

Ella Mitchell was a wonderful actress in Big Momma's House. When the movie was over, I pictured her as the real Big momma and a series of her own. However, I liked Martin's way of playing Big Momma too.

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