Monday, December 17, 2012

LL Cool J's Masterpiece Video Take It

That thing that has really made television exciting is music videos. What music video is keeping you glued to the television today? Well, no music video has kept me glued to television for a while. Music has not been all that great to me these days. However, there is still someone I use to watch all of the time that is in my past from television. That is LL Cool J. Now he is back with a new video called, Take It. I never thought it would be him that would put that old spark back into me after all these years to watch a video. He has made a video that makes me want to rewind and watch it again.

In LL's new video, I see different views of LL Cool J through windows. I see different views of him through the years. He came back with the Kangol. That's a masterpiece and LL's artistic mind. I also love the song and LL's words. He's a great rapper and poet.

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